Olio Bacci Biologico DOP Umbria Colli Martani

Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil DOP Umbria COLLI MARTANI

Cold-pressed and obtained from Moraiolo (60%), Frantoio and Leccino (40%) olive varieties. Certified ICEA Organic and D.O.P. (PDO) Umbria Colli Martani.
The oil mainly shows balsamic characters and with an olfactory finish rich in vegetable tones reminiscent of fresh olive fruit. In the mouth it is elegant and decisive, a clear tone of fresh olive and artichoke stands out. Medium the bitter and spicy sensations that leave a nice sensation of freshness in the mouth. Long in evolution and persistence.

Pairing: We recommend trying it on stewed or grilled meats, grilled vegetables such as asparagus, spinach, turnips and country herbs or potatoes. However, it adapts to all vegetables and side dishes, grilled and baked fish. In addition, it also gives its best on fresh salads and legume soups, especially beans and lentils. If you love to perceive all its fruitiness, try it on boiled green beans or in discordance on boiled fish.

Size: 25cl, 50cl and 75cl bottles – 25cl, 50cl, 3L and 5L tins

Shipping: to be arranged based on quantity – please contact by phone/e-mail