Olio Bacci Biologico

Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

100% Cold-pressed, certified ICEA Organic olive oil.
On the nose it presents itself with notes of fresh olive and almond with hints reminiscent of balsamic herbs and apple. On the palate it opens pleasant and herbaceous with balsamic notes, balanced in bitter and spicy notes with olive flavor and vegetable tones reminiscent of sweet artichoke, and closes harmoniously with floral and almond notes.

Pairing: We recommend trying it on boiled or stewed meats. Given its versatility, due to a limited intensity of bitter and spicy notes, it is suitable for all grilled and boiled vegetables, legume soups, and especially spelled soups, chickling peas, lentils and pea soups. It stands out on all boiled or sautéed vegetables and still adapts to all vegetables and side dishes, boiled and grilled fish or cold fish appetizers. If you love to perceive all its fruitiness, try it on vegetable soups or discordantly on fresh salads.

Size: 50cl, 75cl bottles – 25cl, 3L and 5L tins

Shipping: to be arranged based on quantity – please contact by phone/e-mail